– What We Serve –

[ Ask your barista about additional items ]


Brewed Coffee

Our coffees hail from all over the globe, and each are roasted locally in Yakima by our friends at Basalt Roasters. If you want simplicity or you’re in a rush, grab a cup of our batch-brewed coffee. If you want to explore, we can always make a coffee of your choice by the cup.


Our espresso is the cornerstone of our drink menu, and we devote most of our time and attention to getting it right. Far from the bitter, sharp medicine you might expect, our espresso is sweet and smooth, and bursting with complex flavors. We rotate the coffees we use as espresso periodically, so ask your barista what’s being served when you come in.

Espresso + Milk

Baristas love to argue about the “real” meaning of words like macchiato, cappuccino, and latte. We’re no exception. But in reality all these drinks are simply espresso combined with steamed milk in varying quantities. You’ll see our favorite recipes on our menu, but our baristas are happy to make your preferred drink, so don’t be afraid to ask!

And if you want something sweeter, our chocolate and caramel sauces are made right here in Yakima by some of the most talented folks in town.


Our teas are sourced directly from gardens in India by our friends at Sachai Tea Company, and are some of the finest teas you’ll find anywhere. Whether you prefer Bergamot Black, Peach Green, or a hand-made Chai, we have your inner tea-lover covered.

Other Drinks

Don’t like coffee or tea? We’ve got some options you’re sure to love. Staples include hot cocoa and canela con miel, and we often craft new recipes with the ingredients we have available.

Pan Dulce

Our city has deep ties to Mexican culture, and we love to celebrate that. Our pastries are made locally by Vierra’s Bakery on Lincoln Avenue, and rotate based on availability and our mood when we pick them up fresh every morning.

Other Food Items

The specifics are still taking shape, but we are committed to serving delicious, locally-made food items.

Stay tuned for more details.